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This is where the site map is if you're lost...

Ahh, the sitemap. What is a sitemap, you ask? Well, it is a map to show you where all the pages are. Think of it this way, it is your Google™ Maps® to your website. Or if you aren’t very technical, then it is your Table of Contents in a book, like in Damian’s book, for example.

Usually used for very big websites, it is so users can find a page that they’ve forgotten where it is as well as the Search Engine bots can crawl through and index the pages into their Search Engine. Google defines a Sitemap as the following:

For this website, it isn’t big as Google’s website, but it is a growing website as whenever there’s a new thing that has to be put onto it, it will make the website grow. So, it is good to have a Sitemap now, even if it isn’t needed. Afterall, it will help the Search Engines to crawl the website. In the future, Damian does hope that this website can grow to the size of Google’s website. But that’ll take time and the research for DLD doesn’t happen often.

So, for now, the sitemap isn’t really something to write home about, but just a need for the Search Engine bots which are currently crawling the website.