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In life, there are times where you have to look at yourself and review the character that you are. For example, if you are losing friends, you need to review what you’re doing wrong, and then adapt to the change. Life is hard because of this reason for anyone, but it is harder for the person with DLD, as they can (but not always) have this exact problem.

In a more upbeat and happy examples, books and websites are always getting reviewed to show that they’re either good or bad. If someone reads a website, or a book, they are reading it to see how good it is or how rubbish it is. Damian hopes that when this website and his autobiography is read, people will like it and it will give them a lot of information combined. The type of reviews that can be posted are like the following examples:

“This website is so informational; I am looking forward to seeing what new features and changes will come to it”


“The book has given me a detailed insight into what DLD is and how well Damian has coped with it. Until reading the book, I have never heard of DLD and now, I am going to be supporting Afasic. I will rate this website and the book 10 out of 10!”

It can be about anything, as long as it is clean, and it is regarding this website or Damian’s book. If the review is not clean, e.g. if it has swearing or has any phobia in it, then the review will be deleted. All reviews must be kept clean as this website is not an age-restriction website, it is catered for everyone. Damian is wanting his story to reach everyone and to inspire everyone. So, please keep it clean and let everyone enjoy the book and website, thank you.

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