Finding a Voice

Communication is important...

...we all do it, even the animal kindom communicates. When you look around Mankind, we see communication happening everywhere. On the computers; amongst school friends; amongst work colleagues; it is always happening. Even the deaf world communicates through sign, whether it be British Sign Language (BSL), or one of the lesser known ones which is usually for special schools, it is still a form of communication. Unfortunately, there are some people in this world who have a disability which makes them unable to speak. So, imagine what it is like if you were born without the ability to communicate, due to a stroke within the womb. How would you cope?? What would your life be like?? Who could help you to have an easy life?? You won't ever get rid of the disability when you're born with it, and life will be hard as people won't understand that you have it. They'll just think you have a stutter or a bit 'slow'. Just stand up and prove them wrong and speak out to show them that you CAN DO IT - shout 'I CAN DO IT' from the mountain tops!


This website aims to show a personal view of the disability that is called, dyspasia (a name that was given to the disability by Afasic back in the 1990s) and it tries to create awareness of the disability. Now known as Developmental Learning Disorder, or DLD Having DLD is no different to any other lives. The people who have it just speak slower than the 'normal' person. The person can have other disabities that accompanies the disability, for example, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, and more. All of this will be explained throughout the site.

On this website, you will find lots of useful information that could be useful if you have a child with DLD, or if you an adult and have DLD from birth. Also you can buy from Amazon the autobiography about Damian's life and written by himself that accompanies this website, this is found on the 'The Book' page.

So exactly, what is DLD?? Well, this is answered on the 'What is DLD' Page, but to give you a jist of what it is about. It is a disability that can affect your speech and language area of the brain. It can get you by having a stroke later in life, by a road traffic collision, or having a stroke in the womb. When you gain DLD through a stroke in later life, or a RTC, you are able to gain the speech back, but if you have a stroke in the womb, then you have difficulties throughout your life.

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