Finding a Voice

Here is the important stuff - About Damian

Who is Damian?? Why is he important?? Well, read on Sire, and you will find out...

About Damian

Damian is a celebrated Vice President of Afasic and a husband of a loving and caring wife. He has been working for Afasic since 1993 where he gave lots of speeches to spread awareness of the disability. In 2010, the charity gave him the position of being Vice President and he says that he hasn't ever looked back and strives to create awareness of DLD.

In his role as Vice President, Damian works hard to attend any events that Afasic puts on, which is difficult as he has a normal job of being a security officer for a respected company. In December 2015, he was asked to host, along with two more dysphasics, the Christmas Carol Concert at St Andrew's Church in Holborn, London. Here, they had readings from the President, John Bercow MP, Vice President, Sir Derek Jacobi as well as singing from Robert Meadmore and signing from St Mary's School & College Deaf Choir.

Away from his work as a Vice President, Damian enjoys a lot of things such as, watching movies, watching TV, reading, learning, going on walks with his wife, surfing the net. He is also a qualified security officer and as well as a former lifeguard. The latter, he says wasn't stretching his mind enough, and there isn't much progression in it. He met his wife at the University of Derby, where he was studying BSc Information Technology. Unfortunately, he failed the course and to this day, he regrets failing it. He does say that he is thankful of going to the University, as he has learnt a lot. Through the student life, he learnt how to live; through studying, he learnt how to study. Without the experience, he says that he wouldn't be where he is now.

Damian got married to his wife in September 2014 at the Vestry House Museum. The wedding was a small wedding with about 75-80 people attending. It went very well, and Damian says that he enjoyed it very much, even if he didn't recognize his wife at first! He and his wife wanted it to be one big party, and it was. With a short Ceremony and followed by a lot of drinking, as well as a speech from his best man about him getting the translation of what he said wrong when he was at a wedding in Germany!! They followed it by a meal at Mondragone, an Italian Restuarant in Walthamstow.

Damian hopes that this website that has been created for his book, as well as the book itself, will create awareness for the disability as well as the charity, Afasic. It isn't well known that it can be caused by a stroke in the womb, and it is all about awareness. Afasic does a great job to bring this to people awareness but, more needs to be done.