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'Finding a Voice' Press Release

Here you can find Damian's press release for his book. If any journalists are viewing this website, please feel free to view this page for writing up an article regarding his book. You can also contact him by filling out the Contact form.

Finding a Voice: Uplifting Memoir Chronicles Man's Journey to Thriving with Developmental Language Disorder

Damian Quinn's 'Finding a Voice' is a heartwarming and uplifting memoir, taking readers on a journey alongside Damian and his struggles with Developmental Language Disorder. Following a stroke in the womb, Damian has battled with the inability to properly form words and communicate, even though his mind is as sharp and productive as anyone else. But he's learned to triumph over adversity in all areas of life, and now serves as Vice President of the charity Afasic. This is Damian's full and frank story, proving that disability is no bar to success.

United Kingdom – Damian Quinn is just like anyone else. His mind races with ideas; he's intelligent and has the potential to achieve great things. But Damian has spent his life contending with one thing most don't – the inability to form words and communicate properly.

In his new memoir, 'Finding a Voice', Damian takes readers from his early years when the only word he could say was "mimmy", through to adulthood where he thrives as a successful disability advocate and Vice President of Afasic. This charity has saved his livelihood.


The power of communication is essential; some say a necessity. We all do it, humans, insects, birds, cats, dogs, etc. No matter which species we belong to, we all communicate. Unfortunately, some people struggle to do so. Damian was one of them.

Developmental Language Disorder, a speech and language disability, which Damian has had from birth, causes sentences to come out muddled and slow, even though all Damian's ideas are there. Here Damian talks about how DLD has affected his life, and how the charity Afasic has been there to support him throughout.

Find the struggles that Damian had to go through in his life for him to speak.

Finding a Voice recounts the journey Damian has taken. From the early years, he was struggling to be diagnosed and have the disability recognized, to being heard as Vice President of Afasic.

Finding a Voice recounts the journey Damian has taken. From the early years, struggling to be diagnosed and have the disability recognized, to being heard as Vice President of Afasic.

"My pronunciations, semantics and discourse have been profoundly affected by DLD," says the author, who has moved back to his hometown of Leighton Buzzard. "As you can imagine, this caused many issues growing up and going through the education system, particularly back in the 1980s when disability wasn't understood or dignified as it is today. However, I have used my experiences in adulthood to carve out my own success; one that embraces the challenges I face. Unfortunately, DLD affects about two children in every classroom in primary school and sadly that it is more common in boys than girls."

Continuing, "I wrote this book to share one man's honest account of disability, both to help raise awareness and understanding among non-suffers, and help those who struggle with conditions like mine to understand they are not defined by it. Their success is not connected to it. I want everyone to understand the odds are always stacked in our favour, no matter the challenges we face in life. The book has been published in time for the International DLD Awareness Day on October 16th, 2020 which is organized by the charity Raising Awareness of DLD (RADLD)"

Reviews have been glowing. Chelsea writes, "I received my book this afternoon and finished it this evening. It was a fascinating read and very informative about DLD and the struggles Damo has faced growing up. It's an emotional read at times, especially when Damo talks about his feelings behind feeling like he failed his parents. Damo is an absolute delight to know, and I know his parents would be very proud of who he is today! I urge people to read this book and educate themselves on this - fantastic job!"

Justin adds, "This is the heartwarming story of Damian who has grown up with a Developmental Language Disorder. Damian at an early age, was diagnosed with a Speech and Language Disorder. Damian shares his experiences of living with a disability from his early childhood to his adult life, showing how having a disability has not stopped him from achieving great things in life and helping others with Speech and Language Disorders through the charity called Afasic. This is a most enjoyable and informative read."

'Finding a Voice' is available to order from all good bookshops as well as all online book retailers, including Amazon - and you can find his website at

About the Author:

Damian Quinn (1974-) was born in Luton, Bedfordshire and is the author of 'Finding a Voice', which is now a Number 1 Book. Like with every other child who is born into this world, he was a very healthy baby, except he was born with a disability called Developmental Language Disorder, and that is the subject of the book.

The art of communication is something that everyone has. However, not everyone does exactly have the skill. This is because, like Damian, they are born with the disability as mentioned earlier. When he was born, he only had words for his Mother, which was 'Mimmy' and nothing for his siblings or father.

At times, communicating can be very difficult and writing his first book has proven very difficult. Still, he has persevered as the end result was what he wanted - to let everyone know that it is genuine and every two children in a class of thirty could have the disability. Damian tries to spread awareness throughout his adult life.

Away from spreading awareness, Damian enjoys going to the cinema, socializing with friends, playing on the Xbox, and building websites (although he doesn't think that he is that brilliant at it, he still tries his best).

About Afasic:

Afasic was founded in 1968 as a parent-led organisation to help children and young people with speech and language impairments and their families. We provide information and training for parents – and professionals – and produce a range of publications. Members meet in local groups in many areas of the UK.

Afasic seeks to raise awareness and to create better services and provision for children and young people with speech and language impairments. It works in partnership with local and national government, professional and statutory bodies, and other voluntary organisations.

Today, Afasic:

Afasic’s mission:

Afasic promotes understanding, acceptance, equal opportunities, and the inclusion into society of children and young adults with speech and language impairments.

They can be found at:

About RADLD:

RADLD was created to Raise Awareness of Developmental Language Disorder or ‘DLD’. (Previously RALLI campaign). Their website is packed full of resources that explain what DLD is, the impact it can have, how to get help and how to raise awareness.

Their vision    .   .   .   A world where people with DLD are supported to pursue their goals and aspirations.

Their mission   .   .   .   They partner with the community to foster a substantial increase in international awareness of DLD.

Their goals:

They can be found at