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Welcome to the Damian's blog!

Damian has started up a blog where he talks about the disability and his life. It is similar to the YouTube videos, but just in words.

In these blogs, Damian has written about how it feels having a disability, and even given some guidelines on what to do if you meet someone with DLD. These guidelines are featured on the 'What is DLD' page.

Blogs have been in the world of the internet since the early 90s and the earliest instance of a commercial blog was in 1995 that was created by Ty. Inc (Source: Wikipedia) and since then, they have grown from strength to strength. So, now, Damian has thought that it would be a very good time to try to get his hand into creating blogs.

Along with this website, the blog and YouTube, he hopes that it will get the awareness of the disability into the mainstream world. As time goes on, he hopes to add more sites to his growing list, like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

DysphasiaPV Blog
Fig 5: Damian's blog

Damian says that he is prepared to continue to learn how to create awareness with the sites that are on the net, like the one which have been mentioned, but it will take him a while as he needs to concentrate on one thing at a time. But, overall, he enjoys the learning that he has been doing to get the awareness moving forward, so far.

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